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Wootenforge Gaming Accessories

Prepare to level up your tabletop gaming experience with Wootenforge Gaming Accessories at TableTopCon 24 on May 25-26. They specialize in designing and crafting high-quality gaming accessories using both local and exotic timbers.

Wootenforge's focus is clear: they create practical, beautiful accessories for gamers. Their product range includes dice trays, card holders, and storage solutions, all meticulously crafted from stunning timbers. These accessories not only enhance gameplay but also add an aesthetic touch to your gaming setup.

What sets Wootenforge apart is their passion for woodworking and tabletop gaming. This unique blend ensures their creations are not just functional but also visually appealing, elevating your gaming environment.

Whether you're a casual player or a dedicated enthusiast, Wootenforge Gaming Accessories has something special for you. Don't miss the chance to explore their collection at TableTopCon 24 and discover how these finely crafted pieces can enhance your gaming sessions. Your journey into the world of timber craftsmanship starts here! Check them out at or and

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