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SFR Australian Distributor

Prepare for epic battles and strategic maneuvers as SFR Australian Distributor brings the thrilling wargame, Dragon Dice, to TableTopCon 24 on May 25-26. Dive into the world of fantasy warfare with this compact game featuring streamlined rules and dice armies.

In Dragon Dice, players command armies represented by unique dice, each symbolizing units, battlefield locations, and mighty dragons. Roll your dice to maneuver troops, unleash magic, rain down missiles, and engage in melee combat. With thirteen fantasy species to choose from, players can mix and match units to create powerful combinations that suit their tactical style.

The beauty of Dragon Dice lies in its simplicity and depth, offering endless possibilities for strategic play. As the conflict escalates, recruit more troops, summon formidable dragons, and roll your way to victory on the battlefield.

SFR Australian Distributor is proud to present Dragon Dice at TableTopCon 24, inviting gamers of all skill levels to experience the thrill of fantasy warfare. Don't miss the opportunity to command your armies and seize victory in the ultimate tabletop showdown!

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