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Updated: Apr 26

Bridging the Gap Between Designers and Gamers at TableTopCon 24

Get ready to explore a diverse world of tabletop gaming with Indiverse at TableTopCon 24 on May 25-26! Indiverse is not just a company; it's an online marketplace that serves as a hub for independent board game designers and passionate gamers to connect and thrive.

At Indiverse, inclusivity and empowerment are at the core of everything they do. Their platform is fully open, allowing independent designers and publishers to showcase their creations and reach the right audience. Whether you're a seasoned designer looking to share your latest masterpiece or a gamer searching for unique and innovative games, Indiverse has something for everyone.

Indiverse is more than just a marketplace; it's a community that fosters creativity, collaboration, and support. By providing a platform for independent designers to showcase their talent and connect with gamers, Indiverse is breaking down barriers and amplifying diverse voices within the tabletop gaming industry.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit Indiverse at TableTopCon 24 and explore their vibrant collection of games. Discover new favorites, support independent designers, and immerse yourself in the inclusive and empowering world of tabletop gaming with Indiverse. Your journey into the diverse world of gaming begins here! Check them out at

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