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TableTopCon Teams Up with Aftergame to Revolutionise Your Tabletop Experience.

Are you ready to take your tabletop gaming experience to the next level? At TableTopCon '24, we're thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with Aftergame, a groundbreaking app developed by our friends from New Zealand. Aftergame is set to transform how you discover, schedule, and play board games at our convention like never before!

The Aftergame App: Your Ultimate Gaming Companion

Picture this: A digital haven where you can curate your board game library, invite friends to play, track scores and statistics, and seamlessly organize your tabletop adventures. That's exactly what Aftergame brings to the table. Developed by a passionate team of game enthusiasts, Aftergame is your new go-to app for enhancing your gaming experiences.

TableTopCon '24: Your Ultimate Gaming Destination

Now, here's where the magic happens. At TableTopCon '24, we're adopting Aftergame to revolutionize your convention experience. Here's how it all comes together:

1. Access Our Extensive Board Game Library

With Aftergame, you'll gain effortless access to our comprehensive board game library. Browse through an array of titles, from classic gems to the latest releases. The app provides you with detailed information on each game, making it easier than ever to choose your next adventure.

2. Schedule Games with Ease

Tired of trying to coordinate game sessions with your friends? Aftergame has you covered. Our partnership allows you to schedule game times and meeting spots seamlessly. Whether you're planning a quick card game or an epic strategy showdown, you can now arrange it all effortlessly through the app.

3. Discover New Friends and Games

TableTopCon is all about connecting with fellow gamers and discovering new experiences. With Aftergame, you can effortlessly find other participants interested in playing the same games as you. Join new friends for an impromptu game, or dive into the world of indie and classic RPGs hosted through the app.

4. Simplified RPG Adventures

Indie and classic RPGs are a cornerstone of TableTopCon, and we're using Aftergame to make finding a table to join a breeze. Explore intricate narratives and create unforgettable stories with your fellow adventurers.

How to Get Started: Download the Aftergame App

Getting started is easy and completely free! Simply head to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download the Aftergame app. Once you're in, you'll have a world of tabletop gaming at your fingertips.

At TableTopCon '24, we're committed to making your experience as immersive and enjoyable as possible. Aftergame is the perfect companion to help you navigate the convention, connect with friends and fellow gamers, and discover new tabletop adventures.

Get ready for a convention experience like no other. Join us at TableTopCon '24, and let Aftergame be your guide to a world of tabletop gaming excitement!

Download Aftergame Now:

See you at the tables!

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