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Squad Levi

Updated: Apr 26

Where D&D Meets Pokémon

Attention all tabletop enthusiasts! Get ready to discover a unique fusion of D&D and Pokémon crafting at TableTopCon 24, courtesy of Squad Levi. Owner Amy Nichols is bringing her passion for both realms to the convention floor on May 25-26.

Squad Levi is not your average store; it's a haven for those who love Dungeons & Dragons and tabletop gaming, with a delightful twist of Pokémon. Amy specializes in crafting accessories tailored for D&D enthusiasts, all infused with the charm of Pokémon cards. From custom dice bags adorned with Pokémon motifs to handcrafted badges featuring Pikachu and friends, Squad Levi offers a fresh take on tabletop gaming accessories.

Amy Nichols, the creative force behind Squad Levi, is excited to showcase her unique creations and share her love for both D&D and Pokémon with fellow fans. Her dedication to crafting high-quality accessories ensures that every item from Squad Levi is not only functional but also a testament to her passion for tabletop gaming.

Don't miss the chance to explore Squad Levi's booth at TableTopCon 24 and discover the perfect accessories to level up your gaming experience. Whether you're a Pokémon Trainer or a Dungeon Master, Squad Levi has something special for you. Get ready to embark on an adventure like no other! Check out Their Instagram at

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