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Recap of Knight Campaign from TableTopCon 24

Here is a summation of the Knight megagame! Thank you all for your wonderful stories; I hope you had as good a time as I did!

Interested in Knight? Check it out below!

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Knight: The Tale of Avalon!

Our Story Until Now:

Three houses, united in hatred; Draenog, Petris, and Cathwyllyd. In this dark age, each fought each other to be declared the next High King or Queen of Avalon. But unbeknownst to all, a young squire - Caelia PenLlew - was the daughter of the old High Queen. When she drew the Sword of Avalon from the Great Tree, knights began to flock to her banner, disturbing the old balance. 

As the lion roared over Avalon, a new age began. 

The Tale of House Penllew

House Penllen began with Queen Caelia Penllew drawing the sword Solais from the great tree and the lion's roar echoing over the island. She was immediately beset; her lands were attacked by Cathwylld and her lands poisoned by Draenog, which laid low many of her knights - including her first knight, Sir Amren, who had the strength taken from his limbs. Caelia is romanced by the dishonourable Sir Reginald, who steals the sword Solais. Sir Oscar the Brave journeyed through the lands and found the antidote in the hands of Dr. Shua, the original poisoner from Draenog lands, and returned with the help of Sir Kahedin of Draenog, who saw the poisoning as dishonourable. With their lands no longer blighted, the great knight Villanous retrieves the Crown of Avalon from the knight Dragonis, and with the help of the King of Elfland slay the vile Sir Reginald, retrieve the sword Solais, and defeat Draenog who swore vassalage to Penllew. 

In the battle of Four Armies, Sir Amren and his friend Sir Kahedin found themselves on opposite sides, and due to the failure of Kahedin's squire, Ribbon, both Kahedin and his squire perished. Finally, as Petris forces fled the field and Draenog thrown into disarray, Penllew won the day and Caelia was acclaimed as High Queen of Avalon, ushering in a new age of hope and peace.

The Tale of House Petris

Led by the countess Ingrid, the Bloody Dove, Petris quickly found itself in a civil war between the three lovers Knight Emyr, Lord Erik, and Knight Angharad, who came to blows after their relationship ended. Ingrid had a secret wife, Argleuse, whose bodyguard defended her from the troll - who turned out to be the cursed knight, Sir Malbour. When Sir Malbour was finally defeated, he was captured and healed, becoming a great knight again. 

Lady Onyx, the pagan knight, entered the lady Matthildis' tournament proving that knights of the faith were superior to those of Pagan gods - and Onyx cleaned the field. After summoning the gods Tyr and Wodin into herself, Onyx drove the faithful knights from Petris lands and slaughtered many. Her son, Lord Asyse and Lord Caradoc fought against her, one for faith and one for love, and both lose, leaving the brutal Lady Onyx as Petris' greatest warrior. 

Sir Luca, heir to Petris and once greatest knight of the land became a disreputable drunkard and after a litany of embarrassments was defeated by Sir Kwarnis, known worst swordsman in the land, and was banished from his house. Sir Luca was found by the kind Knight Drugaris who began to help him cure his alcoholism and Sir Luca began to realise the shame of his life and overcome it. Over many adventures Sir Luca begin to save innocents and win tournaments, and gathered a great host of knights under his own banner. 

In the battle of Four Armies, Knight Emyr was set on a course of brutality and destruction, but was undone when Petris armies were commanded away by a cunning supporter of Sir Luca, who after the deaths of Ingrid and Emyr ended as the head of house Petris, swearing fealty to Caelia after her oath to protect the common folk. 

The Tale of House Cathwylld

Cathwyllyd was originally led by Countess Valentis, who lost an arm in a border skirmish and lost the leadership of the house to her younger sister, the Countess Forveleth. After hearing of Caelia's rise and claim to be High Queen in traditionally Cathwylld lands, Forveleth begins to attack Penllew lands, and defeats Penllew in the great Battle of the Cats. During this time Maldoin, the younger brother of Forveleth defeat the Dark Witch who was creating horrible, undying warriors with his friend, Sir Render. They take the Dark Wand, which allows Maldoin to bring back his dead warriors, but drives him and the family mad. Cathwyllyd begins a rampage across the continent, attacking all three of the other houses and unable to be defeated. Seeing the madness of his friend, Sir Render destroys the wand and kills Maldoin in the process. 

Valentis tries more than once to kill Forveleth, leading to the war of the sisters, which Forveleth wins. Unwilling to hill her sister, Forveleth cuts off Valentis' girlfriend's foot as a message. Valentis retreats to her personal lands and gives up her claim to Cathwylld. 

Cathwylld, retreating back to it's own lands, begins to concern itself with lineage. Lord Grimm finds out that Forveleth is not blood related to the house, and Cathwyllyd vassals begin to rebel even as Valentis is the last true Cathwylld. In this time a great peasant uprising takes place, and Cathwylld puts down a peasant revolt lead by Hagis the peasant. A young boy, a bastard child of Valentis father, is revealed, and his mother gives him to the King of Elfland to train him to be king. The boy, Callum, grows ten years in a day, and returns to Cathwylld as it's rightful king. 

In the battle of Four Armies Cathwyllyd retains most of it's forces, and while Callum admits Caelia is High Queen, Cathwylld is given independance in it's own lands. 

The Tale of House Draenog

Countess Lysara of Draenog was young and beautiful, said to have been a fairy gift from long ago. Her aged husband, Padrig, ignored her many infidelities but came under the control of Dr. Shua, who began to work on him to take over the house from Lysara. Lady Maeve, daughter of Lysara, Dr. Shua and Dr. Igradin, seeing Penllew's rise, worked to destabilise the kingdom through poisoning the lands and it's greatest knights and employed assassins to kill the High Queen personally, though the attacks did not succeed. 

Sir Reginald, the heir of Draenog, romanced the High Queen and stole Solais, the Sword of Avalon and gathered the Crown of Avalon that traditionally sat in Draenog lands. Knights from across the land began to follow, and a new High King was declared. Unwilling to wear the Crown of Avalon due to it's curse of destroying those who wore it, Reginald claimed the twins babies of Caelia as his own and that she should join him as his queen consort. Refusing him, Penllew's armies with the Queen of Elfland defeated Reginald and took back the sword and crown. 

After Sir Inoffensive was captured, it was revealed that Lysara was no human at all, but a fairy changeling; a great army of Draenog knights march on Tir na Draenog and kill her, leaving Lady Maeve in control, but Draenog weak. Penllew march on Draenog and defeat Draenog, and Maeve swears vassalage to Caelia.  

Thank you all for the wonderful story that was told. 

Mark Beren

Armoured Gaming

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